4 Benefits To Wearing Maternity Hosiery


Ah, the joys of pregnancy. Decorating a nursery, picking out tiny clothing, and generally getting ready to welcome a new member into the family, are obvious reasons for happiness and excitement. But, let’s face it, having a baby inside of you isn’t all smiles and rainbows – sometimes it can be extremely uncomfortable, and when it’s time to give birth, of course, it’s downright painful.

While there are some mothers-to-be, that wish to experience pregnancy in all its blissfulness as well as all of its pain, most of us normal folks simply want to do away with the discomfort and keep the good stuff. Believe it or not, maternity compression hosiery and pantyhose can do just that. Don’t get us wrong, these stockings aren’t going to solve every aching and pain that pregnancy throws at you, but they can certainly act as your trusty sidekick – warding off a lot of unnecessary ouches.

Here’s just a few benefits to maternity compression stockings and pantyhose:

Prevent Varicose Veins

Besides their sheer unsightly quality, and making you feel older than you actually are, varicose veins can be super painful, especially when you’re on your feet. Normally, veins have leaflet valves that allow blood flow to the heart, against gravity. When veins become varicose though (often during pregnancy), the valves fail to work properly, and blood doesn’t flow as efficiently against gravity as it should. With maternity pantyhose, for instance, there’s a significant amount of compression on these veins, which keeps the valves in line, which keeps blood flowing properly to the heart.

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Reduce Swelling

Leg and feet swelling is, at the core, a venous issue (veins failing to transport blood efficiently). While this will present itself in the veins specifically as “varicose veins,” you’ll often see and feel that your entire leg or foot is a tad pit enlarged. This is perfectly normal, but maternity compression hosiery can certainly come to the rescue. They’ll discourage blood from pooling only in a few particular areas, and in turn, promote healthy blood flow to the heart, as well as even blood flow, all over. And, this is exactly what your baby needs.

Reduce Leg Cramping

Leg cramping during pregnancy can come about for numerous reasons, but a common one is that, due to weight gain, your leg muscles can be a bit worn from carrying those few extra pounds. Compression hosiery can actually reduce leg pains and promote greater mobility.

Help With Bloating

Because compression wear obviously compresses one’s figure, maternity hose are often used as a body sculptor. Of course you don’t want to hide your belly, but there’s a lot of pregnant women out there that constantly feel bloated, and may have the desire to shape their legs and their behind, so that feel similar to their normal figure.

It’s important to mention that if you’re in your 3rd trimester, maternity pantyhose might not be right for you. Always consult your doctor before wearing maternity pantyhose or maternity stockings.