Private: A Review of!

First time writing an online review. To be honest, I’m new to the Internet. That might sound strange, but I’m 54, and I’ve really only been “online” maybe 8 times in my life. One of the first times, was to purchase compression stockings. I’m positive that I’m behind the times when I say this, but it’s just so amazing to me that we can purchase the exact product we want using our computers, and that very product will be delivered to our doorsteps, only a few days later. I can’t tell you how interesting this is to me, especially considering that compression stockings are a big part of my physical well-being.

For the longest time, my son would order my compression stockings for me online, and I really didn’t think much of it. Since I didn’t truly know what “online” meant, I wasn’t given the opportunity to be amazed by it. One day though, he said, “It’s time for you to learn now, Mom – it’s never too late.” At first, I was very reluctant. Intimidated by technology, I put off learning how to use a computer when they first came out, let alone how to do all the advanced things that go along with being online – activities that younger people engage in, that they totally take for granted.

Thigh Highs

After months of annoying me, I finally agreed to have my son show me how to use the Internet to purchase my stockings. And, like I said earlier, it was a really amazing experience. First, he showed me how to type in the name of the website at the top of the page. What I saw was a very extensive catalog. Initially, I didn’t see how I’d be able to find my stockings, among the overwhelming amount of information, but soon my son was showing me how to navigate through the different pages, and how I could type the name of my stockings in the “search field.” After my son showed me a few more things, I finally clicked on the “check out” box, and he told me that the stockings would be at my house within a few days.

I couldn’t conceive of how, without talking to a real person, I could make a purchase like that. But, sure enough, within a few days, my Sigvaris Select Comfort Compression Stockings, arrived at my house, just as I had requested.

That same day, I managed to get online, go to, and browse through hundreds of different pairs. I was proud of myself for being able to do it all alone, and I was also excited by the prospect of maybe trying a few different pairs such as Sigvaris EverSheer or Select Comfort varieties – I really never knew there were this many available. They also have men’s styles which I could get for my husband. I heard that these are really good for flying as they can prevent blood clots. I’m also very glad to say that my Internet use, hasn’t stopped at buying stockings.