Study Shows Sigvaris Compression Stockings To Be Effective


We already knew this, of course, but we think it’s nice to draw upon science to justify our claims. The truth is,compression stockings offer benefits to all types of people. Whether your legs are perfectly healthy or whether you have a serious venous condition, there is, no doubt, a pair of compression stockings out there that are right for you.

In a study published in the British Journal of Surgery, it was found that those who wore certain grades of Sigvaris compression stockings showed a significant improvements with their venous conditions.

What’s attractive about this research is that, often times, scientific studies on products will often not make apparent the specific brands being studied. Luckily though, this is a notable exception and will likely be attractive to all those already interested in picking up a few pair of Sigvaris stockings.

In the study, 3 groups of 10 patients with varying degrees of “leg health” with asked to wear compression stockings for a period of 3 weeks. The first group had a normal, healthy venous legs system; the second, mild varicose veins; and the third had patients with a a post-phlebitic limb. The researchers conducted a randomized cross-over trial, and each of the groups wore both Eesiness NHS two-way stretch or Sigvaris medium compression for the 3 week period.

Another comparison was made within the group dealing with the most severe venous issues – where the researchers made them wear Sigvaris strong compression stockings, subsequent to a 6-week rest period.

How did the researchers study effectiveness, you ask? Well, they used a foot volumetry and sodium subcutaneous tissue clearance, to be exact.

At the end of the study, what researchers found was that there are indeed benefits of Sigvaris medium and strong compression stockings for both methods of assessment in patients with the post-phlebitic limb. Interestingly, Sigvaris medium compression stockings were also shown to benefit patients with mild varicose veins.

But, what effect did the compression stockings have on the group with normal veins? According to the research, none, but after all, what kind of results were they looking to get, here?

Why Should People With Healthy Legs Wear Compression Stockings?

We at, already know the health benefits of compression stockings for people with venous issues, and for good measure, we think it’s good to educate the public on these matters, so we post studies that exemplify this fact. What many may not know though, is that compression stockings are still beneficial to those with perfectly healthy legs, and these benefits come in terms of preventative care.

When with those with healthy legs choose to wear mild compression stockings – whether it be while playing basketball or sitting on a plane for several hours, the stockings will surely help ward off aching, swelling, fatigue, and yes, even more serious venous issues like DVT and chronic venous insufficiency. It’s important to note though, that those with these more serious conditions, ought to wear a firm compression grade (like the above study alludes to), as there are truly benefits to wearing them.