Your Child’s Complaining: Scratch The Itch


Most kids are picky. I probably don’t need to tell you that. Whether it’s the food they eat or the clothes they wear, children generally need to have things just so. When it comes to their apparel, kids aren’t choosy for the same reasons most teens and adults are, though. While many of us older folks seem to be concerned with our appearance, kids want to wear items that are merely comfortable.

This might seem like they’re not asking for a whole lot, but if your child is anything like my boy, Tyler, it’s often difficult to find clothing that doesn’t itch, rub, or distract him or her. For my child, tags, seams, and certain materials don’t go unnoticed – he’s certainly a good detector of these things, and he won’t hesitate to complain as soon as he encounters them, in the dressing room.

For the longest time, comfortable socks were hard for us to come by. Knowing that Tyler didn’t like wearing socks, in the past, we’d let him walk around the house barefoot. Whenever it was required that he’d have to put his shoes on though – to go out in public for instance, he’d have to put on socks, and the “but why’s?” would promptly start. “These socks are too itchy,” they’re too hot,” “they hurt,” etc, etc, etc. Can any of you out there relate? Perhaps you’re not complaining about your socks all that much, but I’ll bet that many of you reading this probably have kids that do.

At my wit’s end with my son’s lamenting, I scoured the internet for a solution to his foot discomfort. Honestly, although incredibly pleased with what I found, I actually wasn’t all that surprised. After all, you can find anything on the web these days. What I came across was SmartKnit Kids Seamless Sensitivity Socks. Who would have thought they’d make seamless socks just for kids? Not me. These are the only socks that Tyler wears now, and I was super relieved when he didn’t complain at all, upon putting them on. Another great thing about the socks is that they have an anti-microbial feature, so I don’t have to worry about moisture build-up and fungal problems. With these socks, I know his feet are comfortable, and taken care of – which standard, run-of-the-mill socks just can’t offer my little boy. On top of all that, they come in a variety of colors – which add to his wardrobe. I was getting tired of seeing him in plain white socks – they show dirt a lot more readily, anyway.

Other people who have posted on this blog mentioned scientific studies to back up their claims. While I couldn’t find any scientific studies to prove to you that the seamless socks are great for my son, what I can say is that his not whining every couple hours from bothered feet, is probably the most effective evidence I can present. And, for most parents, that’ll totally be enough.