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For a mother who is expecting, it is a very happy and exciting time, however many leg problems may occur during this time that maybe a cause for concern. Thirty percent of women pregnant for the first time, and 55 percent of women who have had two or more full term pregnancies develop varicose veins, according to a report by Swiss Medical Weekly. Women who are pregnant are also at a high risk for the development of a Deep Vein Thrombosis, known as DVT. One reason is due to the increased blood volume at full term. Additionally, pregnancy causes hormonal changes that increase blood coagulability, a measure of how easily blood clots. Wearing compression socks can help keep your legs healthy during pregnancy and beyond.

Common Leg Problems During Pregnancy:
Venous disorders and leg health problems are among the most frequent medical conditions in North America. You may experience these conditions for the first time during pregnancy. For example, swollen feet, tired aching legs and a feeling of heaviness in the legs are among everyday symptoms that pregnant women may experience. These symptoms are especially frequent when:

When should you consider compression stockings:

  • a history of varicose veins and venous disease exists in the family
  • a venous condition was already present before the pregnancy or the woman has had more than one pregnancy
  • the patient sits and stands for prolonged periods of time while pregnant
  • reduction in physical activity during the pregnancy, or a sedentary lifestyle

Thankfully we feature a full line of maternity compression stockings, to help in the relief of these issues. Physicians recommend the use of compression stockings however it is always best to ask your doctor. Are you a pregnant woman that suffers from swelling issues or varicose veins? Take a look at our large collection of maternity compression pantyhose stockings - perfect for dealing with those pesky circulation issues caused by your pregnancy.

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