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How To Put on Compression Stockings

Learn some quick tips to put on your compression stockings. After watching this video you should be able to put your stocking on with ease.


1) The best time to put on the stockings is at the start of your day. The legs should be dry. The use of  donning gloves is recommended to make the process easier.

2) For the open-toe styles only, you may use the foot-slip and place it as shown in Picture 1. Never gather the
stocking prior to donning. Leave the stocking fully extended. Pull the stocking up over the foot past the ankle.

3) (a) Using the donning gloves, ease the stocking over the foot, then over the heel and finally up the calf (or thigh). Getting the heel in place will make the donning process easier. (b) Do not pull at the top of the stocking; instead, “massage” and pull it gently up the leg. Continue this process until the stocking is in place. With the panty style, the same technique should be continued over the thigh.

4) The foot-slip should be removed at this time by pulling the top outwards.

5) For open-toe styles, the foot part of the stocking should be placed at the base of the toes. The toes should remain free. For calf length style, the top band should be approximately one inch below bend of knee.


Always remove stockings before going to bed.

6) Use donning gloves to make stocking removal easier. Take hold of the stockings or socks at the upper edge and peel downwards past the ankle. Never push downward as this creates bunching and makes the stocking more difficult to remove.

7) With the flat of the hand work the stocking over the heel and remove.

Note: If you have difficulty putting on your stockings, there are other accessories available.

Call 1-800-504-7315 to speak to our Certified Fitter for more information and instruction.