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Browse our selection of premium quality medical compression stockings and socks designed by Juzo. If you are on your feet all day, Juzo can keep you moving® with multiple benefits of compression garments, designed to improve your quality of life, not inhibit it. Family-owned since 1912, Juzo has led the compression therapy garment industry by creating high-quality products that offer you the freedom to maintain a more active lifestyle.

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Compression garments from Juzo are a complete range of medical compression wear designed for the right fit and good feel with the intention to wear every day. With over 100 years of experience in easing lives across humanity, Juzo compression and support stockings are helping individuals get relief from varicose veins, thrombosis, edema, and discomfort from other sports activities. Juzo compression stockings are knitted with versatile fabrics to get the finest compression therapy and quickly get back into your active lifestyle.

With the motto of “Freedom in Motion” and passion, Juzo is on a mission to help people with effective compression therapy at their convenience and ensure durability and maximum comfort. Made with premium and soft microfiber to keep your feet fresh and dry and maintain the climate with therapeutic relief. The Juzo Dynamic (Silver / Cotton) collection is designed for individuals involved in vigorous physical activities. Its antibacterial and thermodynamic effects make them ideal circular knit stockings in each move. And then you have Juzo Compression Wrap that comes with an adjustable compression system for 30-60 mmHg compression levels, so get your desired compression at your comfort.

At CompressionSale, we have everything you wish to get from your favorite Juzo; you will get Women's Juzo Compression Stockings, Juzo Men's Compression Stocking, Juzo Naturally Sheer 2100 Series, Juzo Basic Economy 4400/4700 Series, Juzo Dynamic Cotton, Juzo Soft Series, Juzo Soft Silver Series, Juzo Lymphedema, Juzo Compression Wraps, Juzo Stump Shrinkers, Juzo Attractive 4600, Juzo Dream Colors, Juzo Attractive OTC 5000, Juzo Silver Sole, Juzo Hostess 2500, Juzo Dynamic Stockings (Varin) 3500 Series, and more at just one place. Get different sizes, patterns, and colors, including Juzo pantyhose, Juzo knee high, Juzo thigh high, Juzo Armsleeves, Juzo Gauntlets, Juzo Compression Wraps, and more that match your personal styling and comfort, and use. Follow the given size chart and get your perfect fit.

  • Made with premium microfiber fabric
  • Use mild detergent and hand wash in lukewarm water
  • Don’t use fabric softeners, bleach, and other harsh chemicals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: How long do Juzo compression stockings last?

Juzo compression stockings are designed to last longer than other competitive brands. However, after regular use for six months, the fibers can lose proper and uniform compression to give you the optimum relief. Also, your size and compression requirements may change with time, so you should get the most suitable one and change it every six months or as needed.

Q 2: How do you care for Juzo compression stockings?

The regular washing of your favorite Juzo compression stockings are good for your skin and their life. Be it your Juzo knee high or Juzo thigh high stockings; regular washing with a mild detergent helps to remove sweat and dead skin, so you feel fresh every day. Also, make sure not to use bleach to clean them.

Q 3: How do you size Juzo compression stockings?

Getting the correct size for your Juzo compression stockings is the foremost step toward getting the finest compression therapy. Follow the measuring guide and size chart given for each type of compression stocking and then get the correct size. Sizing charts are located on every product "See Details" page for your convenience; you can also call 1-800-504-7315 or Live Chat if you need more help sizing.

Q 4: What is the difference between Jobst and Juzo?

It has been observed that despite being in the graduated medical compression therapy, the brands have some differences in their products based on their exclusive features. Juzo, Sigvaris, Jobst, and Medi are the leading companies offering compression garments for decades and meeting their consumers’ requirements; but as no two brands have the same socks, it is recommended to get your size measured for the respective brand (Juzo or Jobst, any) and make a choice.

Q 5: How to wash Juzo compression stockings?

You should always wash your Juzo compression stockings regularly to keep them fresh. Here are some quick tips for taking care of any garment from your Juzo compression collections. 

  • Machine Wash and Dry - For better use, you can machine wash your compression stockings with a mild detergent to keep them in the correct size, shape, and therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Suitable Detergent – You can get Juzo’s laundry detergent Juzo washing solution for all Juzo compression garments. Otherwise, use a mild detergent and avoid using bleach.

Following washing instructions carefully helps you keep your compression stockings in the correct shape, size, and desired compression level.