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FarrowWrap Trim-To-Fit

FarrowWrap Trim-To-Fit™ as the name implies is a compression garment that can be customized to your limb in a matter of a few minutes all while waiting in your doctor or therapist' s office. This means that you can come in with a prescription and leave with the garment all in the same visit. Since the FarrowWrap TTF™ can be trimmed there is no need to buy a new garment as the edema reduces. Your therapist or doctor can simply remeasure your limb and trim the garment accordingly. FarrowWrap TTF™ can also be used in place of short stretch bandaging because it uses the same technology but is less time consuming to apply for both you and the therapist. FarrowWrap Trim-To-Fit™ utilizes a safer form of compression and is easier to don than long stretch compression stockings. FarrowWrap TTF™ garments are machine washable and can be line dried or put into the dryer with NO heat. The TTF™ garments are offered in 2 types of fabrics LITE and STRONG. When properly trimmed and applied the LITE will provide 20-30mmHg compression and the STRONG will provide 30-40mmHg compression.